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Business Services

Chaffin and Company offers three premium support packages that provide professional assistance when you need it most. Regardless of size or structure, we have a plan that can fit your business.
Our three packages of choice are: Gold, Platinum, and Executive Platinum.  


Contact us to find out the details specific of each individual plan.



ongoing support plans

information security services

In today's business world, digital assets are among our most prized possessions, but they typically are limited to the same amount of protection as the new SMART car. And let me tell you, should your data find itself in a digital pile-up, you are going to wish that you had upgraded to the Hummer: desert storm edition! Following a thorough audit of your network and computing environment, we will close-up the breaches, and assist in establishing safe-use protocols that will help you stay away from sites or locations where your data might be compromised. We can help you protect your assets, and provide coverage over current areas of vulnerability.



Do you find yourself bogged down with redundant tasks that are repetitive and focus-draining? Surprisingly, a vast majority of business owners, executive members, and leaders in the workplace answer yes to that question.  The first thing to realize is that you are not alone.  But more important is that realization that you are not without hope.  We can work with you to streamline, and in many cases, completely automate those redundant and energy-sucking tasks for you.  Then you can take advantage of the time and energy that is freed after implementing the "Smarter not harder" philosophy into your job, and excel forward, leaving the "status quo" lifestyle behind.


productivity and systems integration

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